Top 16 Health Benefits of Ginger

Are you looking for the health benefits of GINGER for colds, to lose weight, for digestion, blood circulation and so on? Ginger is the solution for all the above problems.

What is Ginger?
Ginger, also known as kion or quion, is an aromatic plant that has been studied for centuries thanks to its health and healing effects. It belongs to the family of tubers, and is an underground rhizome (root) with a noticeably spicy flavor, which also makes it a good gastronomic condiment.
Since ancient times, ginger was one of the most popular and important plants in the East, especially in the Arab countries, China and India. This is a result, in part, of its properties: it is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps fight various heart, digestive or respiratory diseases.
Top 16 Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger involves finding in a single food a whole concentration of benefits and compounds, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids or essential oils for our health.
Within the family of oils it contains, we find some types such as citronellal, lemon and camphene. Gingerol is another of the essential oils of the plant since it is responsible for giving it that spicy flavor that characterizes it.
As for vitamins, this tuber is rich in Vitamins B and C, in addition to being also rich in minerals such as aluminum, phosphorus, calcium and chromium.

The most important benefits of ginger
Below we will briefly review the benefits of ginger that can help improve our health remarkably if we maintain a consumption habitually:

1. Excellent antioxidant to prevent cell aging
We recommend ginger tea because it has antioxidant properties and that is why it is perfect to stop the degradation of tissues and in turn cellular aging. To prepare this ginger tea, it is best to get the ginger root and the rale, then add a spoonful of ginger to the boiling water and after standing and brewing you can have tea.

2. Excellent Anti-inflammatory
Ginger has anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. These substances are beneficial for reducing pain in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.
For you to have scientific data, clinical studies have shown that these patients improve if they take ginger in addition to their medication on a regular basis, over time they can reduce inflammation of the joints and feel some relief.
In the face of pain, ginger should be one of our first options in the list of natural medicines, as it is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Daily consumption could help reduce the pain of diseases such as arthritis.

3. Beneficial against migraines and common headaches
Some researchers discovered that ginger can block the effects of protasgladine, a substance that causes inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain that can cause migraines. So it reduces migraines and prevents them.
You can take some type of ginger infusion if you are suffering from migraines and you will see how little by little it is relieved. You can even take it before you feel it as prevention and it will help you reduce it. Although there are more ways to take it, since you can get this effect by applying a ginger oil.

4. Relief from stress
Thanks to the properties contained in cineole, ginger helps reduce anxiety levels, regulates stress states in times of highs and lows and gives the body a feeling of calm.
Stress is something that millions of people around the world suffer. The intake of ginger or introducing it into our daily diet can contribute to our body being somewhat more relaxed and above all that the impact of being under constant pressure is relieved.

5. Reduce muscle pain in the joints
As ginger has anti-inflammatory properties when you suffer in the joints because you do high-performance sports, great efforts and muscular pain the best thing to remedy is to take ginger. To treat these discomforts and ailments you have to be for eleven days consuming two grams, in this way you can overcome these discomforts.

6. Reduce congestion and relieves symptoms cold
When we are constipated the best remedy is to take a ginger tea and thus we will eliminate this uncomfortable congestion, besides you will sleep much better after drinking it. Ginger is ideal to relieve the typical cold symptoms (congestion, chills, cough, etc.), as an expectorant (that is, to calm the cough and eliminate phlegm) and sinusitis.

7. Considered a good aphrodisiac
It begins to be considered as an aphrodisiac capable of increasing sexual desire and that can be a complement to help those men with erection problems. It is essential, however, that ginger should not be considered as a substitute for conventional treatments and that the doctor should be consulted in case of doubts about its properties and possible effects on health.

8. Reduce menstrual pains
For those who suffer menstrual pain month by month and do not want to take the contraceptive pill, one of the best natural remedies that does not present contraindications is ginger.
All you have to do is prepare a ginger tea as a way to relieve the ovarian pains of menstruation. It is also good for women who have an irregular period because it relieves the pain they can feel especially on the first day.

9. Beneficial against ovarian cancer
These effects are under study and seem promising, but remember if you take any medication prescribed by a doctor you have to follow it, do not give up the medication prescribed by a doctor to take anything on your own.
There is nothing that is natural and that benefits by itself to be cured or not a cancer. The ginger for its composition and general benefits can lead to a slight improvement in pain and stress for women with ovarian cancer, but I repeat, do not stop taking your medication.
At the 97th annual session of the American Cancer Association, Dr. Rebecca Liu  and colleagues at the University of Michigan presented a paper showing that ginger could kill ovarian cancer cells by induction to death programmed cell. Conventional chemotherapy drugs can cause cells to become resistant to their action. Dr. Lui and her colleagues believe that ginger may be beneficial for patients with ovarian cancer since the cells do not become resistant to the effect of ginger.
This could be a truly important step in the cure of cancer, the hope that many women need to continue with strength and fight for their own lives.

10. Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort
Ginger is sensational for both digestive problems and gastrointestinal problems, not only relieves discomfort but also facilitates digestion.
A little ginger tea, like the one recommended above to remedy menstrual pain, can relieve gastrointestinal pain almost immediately. If you find yourself in a lot of pain, take a small amount in sips, little by little and you will notice relief almost immediately.

11. Effective against dizziness and nausea
Ginger has been shown to be effective in preventing dizziness and nausea, since many women used to drink ginger tea to avoid nausea during pregnancy, but beware! Today, there are professionals who claim that the consumption of ginger during pregnancy is not recommended.
Top 16 Health Benefits of Ginger
In turn, ginger helps activate blood circulation, which in many cases its circulation is affected with the appearance of varicose veins and other blood vessels.
But always, it is preferable to consult with the homeopath or doctor to advise you, although nothing happens because you take a little infusion or ginger tea when you are very dizzy.

12. It is good to prevent colon cancer
Again the gingerols responsible for the spicy taste of ginger can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the colon area. This is suggested by research presented in Cancer Prevention Research, at a meeting of cancer specialists that took place in Phoenix in 2003.
As I have already pointed out, however, these data should be taken as what are scientific substances that serve to evolve in reaching some remedy although we do not have to take them as something definitive.

13. Helps eliminate bad breath
Faced with bad breath you can also use ginger, which helps you to refresh your mouth after meals and increases saliva, so if you suffer from dry mouth it will also be ideal for you.

14. Helps the immune system
German researchers have discovered that sweat is a powerful agent to fight germs to fight infections.
If you have ever tried an infusion of ginger you will know what I am talking about because it really causes a lot of heat. If we focus a little more on the effects of sweating, we know that sweating is essential in colds and flu to heal.

15. Regulates Metabolism
When you consume ginger you will notice much better and it is that it helps to absorb the nutrients from the food, also they help us to get the compounds where they belong.

16. Lose weight with ginger
After having seen the main properties that ginger have, we can see that there is a relationship between the intake and consumption of ginger root with weight loss. There are many people who take ginger root at times when they are dieting and ensures that weight loss is guaranteed.

What is the best way to take it?
As previously mentioned, consuming ginger regularly and, if possible on a daily basis, will have excellent benefits for our body and health. It is not very relevant how the plant is taken, but there are different ways to the consumer’s taste: fresh or raw, powdered with tea or liquefied in the form of a beverage.

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