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The 3 Best Low Carb Cereals to Lose Weight

Cereal is the king of food, the most sown and harvested product on the entire planet. Cereals give us energy but in a calm and flexible way.  Oatmeal, chia seeds, and teff are the best low carb cereals to lose weight. Those are also very suitable for diabetic people since it regulates the level of blood sugar.
The 3 best low carb cereals to lose weight

At this point, you may already be more than saturated with the so-called miracle diets. From our space, we want to give you simple and healthy ideas to improve your quality of life. That is why to lose weight, we recommend you include these wonderful low carb cereals in your diet. 

Are cereals effective for weight loss?
Lately, it is becoming very famous to replace, for example, a dinner with a plate of cereals. Many brands try to convince us that it is an ideal way to lose weight.

But we must be careful, cereals are a supplement in our diet, and should not replace a lunch or dinner. It is a perfect way to complement our weight loss diet. Its secret is basically in the following aspects:

Cereals are satiating and prevent us from eating between meals
They provide us with nutrients and fiber to keep us in perfect condition until the next meal. They provide us with complex carbohydrates, which contribute to a good digestive and eliminatory function, B vitamins, good for the nervous system and mental activity, plus other nutrients, antioxidantsand minerals.

We can supplement cereals with protein
For example, for dinner, it would be good to prepare a small piece of salmon, or some baked turkey. Then, a plate of oatmeal with fruit. Something like this is ideal, since in this way the caloric index is very low and we lose weight.

You should also know that we cannot exceed cereal consumption
It is appropriate to drink a cup of oatmeal or a cup of Teff or chia seeds a day. Being digestive, nutritious, and satiating we can lose up to half a kilo a week, but do not exceed your consumption.

Remember, also, to supplement the consumption of cereals with a low-fat diet and some exercise.

The 3 best low carb cereals for weight loss

1. The wonderful properties of oats
Surely you already knew. Oatmeal stands as one of the best low carb cereal. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) speaks of this cereal as one of the most nutritious and healthy, ideal to include in our food pyramid.

Did you know that it is magnificent to lose weight?
This cereal acts as an excellent satiator, food regulator and excellent digestive with which to eliminate fat little by little. But yes, you have to be constant and take it every day.
It has fiber, vitamins, and minerals, in addition, to trace elements.  It is also very suitable for people with diabetes and who manages to regulate blood sugar.
You know, oatmeal is a natural gift that we cannot neglect. It will help you lose weight, hence you should include it daily in your breakfast.

The 3 best low carb cereals to lose weight

2. The low carb cereal for weight loss: the Teff
You may not have heard of him yet. But it is taking a very important boom after demonstrating its clear effectiveness as low carb cereal to lose weight and maintain an adequate line, in addition to excellent health. 

What is TEFF?
Well, we will tell you, first of all, that it is a cereal that has always been consumed in Africa. It is more than 5000 years old and is already marketed in all countries of the world. That is why it should not cost you much to find it in your usual supermarket or natural stores.

This low carb cereal is ideal for maintaining good health thanks to its vitamin supplement and its high iron content.
In addition, it is a cereal rich in carbohydrates, fiber and without any gluten. It is also great for people with type II diabetes.

But what is your secret to help us lose weight?
  • It is satiating.
  • Regulates fat burning.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • Regulate constipation.
  • It is incredibly healthy to eliminate toxins and promote bowel movement.

And how do we take it?
Very easy. You can mix it with your vegetable milk at breakfast. You can make bread, cakes, cookies, and nutritional bars. You just need a little to quench your hunger and get great nutrients. Isn’t it fantastic?

3. Chia seeds, a low carb cereal
These seeds are fashionable, although they are not precisely cereals, but given their benefits, it is our duty to mention them.

Despite having a long therapeutic tradition in health and nutrition, it is now when the value of chia seeds is being rediscovered, also ideal for weight loss.

Why are they so appreciated?
First of all, we must know that they are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, calcium,proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. A whole treasure of properties that also prevent us from itching between hours thanks to its satiating effect. It’s great to combine them with liquids, smoothies, and even yogurts.

They are very digestive, prevent constipation and also regulate the presence of blood sugar. They are fantastic and worth including in our diet. So, these 3 are the best low carb cereals for weight loss.

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