Superior Colliculus

The superior colliculus (SC) is a structure in the midbrain that is a part of the brain circuit.  Upper pair of midbrain roof structures that receive visual information from the retina, and are centers of sensory integration. They intervene in the control of the movements of the head, neck, and eyes.
Superior Colliculus

In non-mammalian vertebrates, the upper colliculus is called the tectum or optical roof. The optical ceiling or simply tectum is a paired structure that forms the most important component of the midbrain of vertebrates. In mammals, this structure is more commonly called the superior colliculus ([TA]: superior colliculus, from Latin: superior hill), but even in mammals the adjective tectal is commonly used.

The tectum is a sheet structure, with a variable number of sheets depending on the species. The superficial layers are related to sensitivity and receive nerve impulses from the eyes, as well as from other sensory systems. The deep layers are related to motor function, capable of activating eye movements and other responses. Intermediate layers are also given, with multisensory cells and motor properties.

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