Routine to Take Care of the Skin at Night: 7 Tips That You Should Apply

Although we have not made up, the cleanliness of the face is essential. Establishing a routine to take care of the skin at night will allow us to have a much healthier and younger complexion.

The routine for skin care at night is just as important, or even more, than the steps we take in the morning before leaving home. It is essential if we want to take care of our skin and have a beautiful and healthy skin.

In this article, we share 7 tips that we must apply daily. In less than 10 minutes and with the right products for our skin we will be able to prepare our face for a restful and revitalizing rest. 

Routine to take care of the skin at night

1. You should always take off makeup
The first step in our skin care routine at night is the most important. We must remove makeup before proceeding to prepare the face for rest. If we do not remove the remains of makeup we will block the pores and we will get up with a much worse appearance in the morning.
We can opt for a more dense and oily makeup remover if we use a good amount of permanent cosmetics. In contrast, for the most superficial and natural makeup we can use a more fluid and lighter product.
2. The right skin cleanser
In addition to removing makeup, or in the case of not using makeup, the second step is to cleanse our skin in depth. In this way we eliminate dirt, impurities and dead skin cells that give a dull appearance to our skin.
Nowadays we can find cleansers in soap or cream, or some deeper ones as an exfoliant . The important thing is to use one that does not contain alcohol or too strong components, as they could alter the pH and sebum of the skin.
3. A tonic for fatigue
Our routine for skin care at night should include, as a third step, a tonicto combat the signs of tiredness of the day. The tonic helps to close the pores, balance the skin and provide hydration to the skin .
We recommend opting for a product that does not contain alcohol, which gives a sensation of freshness but dries and damages the skin in the long term. We can find some natural ones. The most popular are rose, rosemary and witch hazel.
4. The right serum for your skin
The serum is a product that is applied just before the moisturizer and that is characterized by a high concentration of nutrients . We can apply it in the morning and at night, although before going to bed it is the most effective time.
The type of serum will depend on what we want to contribute to our skin. The most common ones contain hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins A, B or C, coenzyme Q10 , etc.
5. A cream just for the night
From the age of 25 or 30 we can start using a specific nocturnal moisturizer . We must bear in mind that the facial cream that we apply during the night is not the same as during the day. During the night hours, thanks to rest, our skin will absorb nutrients much better than during the day. 
In addition, the day cream usually has sunscreens and does not have as much concentration of nutrients. For this reason, although we could use it, we would not get the same results. Although we will have to invest in buying in two creams, in the end they will also last twice as long.
6. Self-massage is the most effective
If we have a few more minutes to complete our routine to take care of the skin at night we should give ourselves a self-massage. Or, even better, get our partner to do it, so that the relaxation is greater.
A facial massage is the best remedy to relax the tensions of the face, give firmness to the skin and activate circulation . In this way, our skin will absorb much better the products that we have applied.
7. Rest
To complete our routine we should not forget these final tips related to a good rest :
The bedroom should be dark, without any light.
The best posture to prevent wrinkles is face up.
Before going to sleep we should try to leave the mind blank, forget the worries and relax the face.
If we have facial swelling problems when getting up we can try using lighter textured cosmetics, as well as a slightly higher pillow .
Sleeping less hours than we need affects the appearance of our face . However, sleeping too much also gives us a tired look the next day.
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