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Loss of Belly Fat Best Exercise

Do you want to lose your belly fat? Want to know the best exercise for a flat belly? Most people are aware that belly fat is very difficult to eliminate and requires a lot of effort. Unfortunately, after falling into a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, the belly is the area that reveals more weight. Everyone knows that to reduce the belly fat, the association of physical activity with balanced nutrition is essential. 
Loss of Belly Fat Best Exercise

Considering the need to wear a more stylized and healthy figure, nowadays we have found multiple ways to lose weight in that area and achieve the desired measures. However, many continue to fail in their attempt to achieve a flat stomach, since, beyond a good diet and slimming creams, it is essential to perform physical activity. This habit is decisive to increase energy expenditure and also to tone and strengthen the muscles of this region.

The best exercises to lose belly fat are plank and side plank. Some call it an iron, board or abdominal plank.

Plank is an isometric exercise that uses your own weight to tighten the muscles and keep them in a stationary position. It is very simple, but effective. You just have to keep the body stiff as a board and you get a job focused on shoulders, arms and, of course, abdomen. When done correctly it is possible to strengthen the lower back, the buttocks, the legs and, of course, the abdomen.

It’s benefits
  • Increase the strength of the torso.
  • It improves balance.
  • It helps maintain the correct posture.
  • Brand abdomen and tone your buttocks (as long as you have only 6% body fat).
  • Reduce back pain.
  • Increase the flexibility of your muscles.

How to do it?
  • Lie on your stomach, place your forearms on the floor and lean on your toes.
  • The back should be erect, the shoulders just above the elbows and the buttocks slightly raised.
  • Hold this position for 30 or 40 seconds, rest and repeat three times.
  • As in the previous case, try to do it every day so you can increase the resistance time to a minute or two.

The side plank
The lateral plate on the floor is an exercise to strengthen the abdominal area. It is a movement similar to that of the front plate but with variations. One of them is the position, instead of turning it upside down you will do it on your side, which is a bit more complicated when it comes to maintaining balance.

Loss of Belly Fat Best Exercise

To do this exercise comfortably you will need a mat. Of course, it is an exercise not very simple if the intention is to make long sessions. It is quite easy to get out of balance since the posture maintained usually changes throughout the exercise due to the difficulty. So if you are a beginner, do not overdo the repetitions and do the movement slowly.

We want to show you how the side plank is correctly made on the floor and its main benefit.

It’s Benefits
  • It works on a specific area of ​​the body: the lateral abdominals. 
  • However, also involves other muscles such as the rectus abdomens, oblique abs, deltoids, and trapezius.
  • If you manage to make the side plank on the floor, you will notice how your abdomen is gradually hardening and you will eliminate the fat located in this area.

How to do it?
  • First of all, place the mat on the floor and laterally on it. Rest one hand on the mat and the other hooked to the body, then rise until you have one arm and feet on the floor.
  • The arm you have placed on the mat you have to flex and the feet must be together. On the other hand, the legs kill them straight trying that the weight does not fall down.
  • In this position, the movement begins. Being an isometric exercise, the effort is made to maintain the position. Try to hold as much time as possible in this position.

TIPS:  When you hold the position in the isometric exercises it is very important not to change the posture. In case you move, you can become unbalanced and you will no longer be working properly. If you are starting in fitness try first to do the plank.

Watch the video to start the exercise:

Remember that consistency is the key. You have to do it regularly. Then wait for the result. Also, besides exercise, you need to have a balanced diet to lose your belly fat.

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