Is it Good or Bad to Drink Cold Water?

Cold water helps us regulate body temperature after exercising. It also hydrates us faster, since the bloodstream absorbs it more easily. Is it good or bad to drink cold water? We will know in this article.
Is it Good or Bad to Drink Cold Water?

Does it make it easier for us to recover our body temperature or would it harm us? Can you help us lose weight? And when we have a fever? On the other hand, how much water should we drink per day? How can we know if we drink enough?

Discover the answers to these concerns in this article so as not to harm your health. Below we explain the truth about this simple and natural habit that can benefit us so much.

Should we drink cold water?
For starters, there are specialist doctors who recommend the consumption of cold water especially after exercising. The explanation is that it regulates body temperature. Other doctors who claim that the consumption of cold water forces the body to spend energy to warm up. As a consequence, there is a loss of that same water.

There are other times when cold water is usually used, and in this case, it is wrong. For example, when the fever rises, we tend to submerge the body in cold water. Instead, the right thing would be warm or a little hot water. Otherwise, cold water can cause chills and temperature rise as a defensive reaction of the body. In this case, drinking causes the same negative result.

However, we must also point out that, to this day, research continues in this regard. Often, the results may vary, as there are many conditioning factors, such as the weather or the genetics of each person. For this reason, it is also essential to always listen to the body itself and see how it reacts.

How much water should we drink?
We have heard many times that we should consume enough water. The recommended measure, as a rule, is two liters per day.

If we go beyond that measure or fall short, then we will be susceptible to certain health problems. However, since each person is different, the best indicator of whether enough water is consumed is urine.
Is it Good or Bad to Drink Cold Water?

What does urine tell us?
  • If this is dark, you are consuming little water.
  • If it is light in color, you are consuming enough.
  • Keep in mind that morning urine (freshly raised) is somewhat darker.

Thirst is an indicator
Another way to detect it is thirst. When the body says that it is thirsty, we can almost say that it is late, that we are dehydrated. At that time you have to drink, and it doesn’t matter if the water is cold or hot.

The aspect that really influences our health is the quantity and quality of water. Most of the water we consume must be natural, without artificial flavorings (additives such as mint leaves, lemon slices, etc.) are allowed. And, of course, without sweeteners.

Juices and infusions should be considered as part of the recommended daily amount. They are a good complement to keep us hydrated, especially in hot weather.

The benefits of drinking cold water
For starters, the main advantage when consuming any liquid is hydration. But more particularly, drinking cold water gives us specific benefits of its temperature:

  • It helps to loseweight: The body always maintains a stable temperature. Therefore, when consuming cold water, this temperature decreases, and the body spends calories to stabilize it again.

  • Lower the body temperature: After exercising, the body temperature rises and drinking cold water helps to stabilize it, as we have said in the first point.

  • Moisturizes faster:  After exercising, the body needs to hydrate quickly. Cold water is absorbed earlier by the bloodstream, which speeds up this action.

What is clear is that drinking water is beneficial to our health, since it not only keeps us hydrated but also regulates tension and body temperature. So drink a lot of water either cold, warm or normal. Each one is beneficial. So, don’t forget your two liters a day!

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