How to Relax During Difficult times

Here are some ways to relax in difficult times that will allow you to overcome adversities more easily. No one is exempt from going through difficult times or unpleasant circumstances. However, we must remember that we can always overcome them. Although it is difficult for us to visualize the solution, it exists and it is possible to achieve it.
How to Relax During Difficult times

Life is characterized by its ups and downs. If the terrain had no variants, everything would be extremely monotonous. This does not mean that we should celebrate the difficulties, but rather observe them as an opportunity for growth or improvement.
Any change brings multiple benefits. In us is the ability to know how to appreciate them. So, we can visualize difficult moments as the prelude to a new form of tranquility. After all, after the storm comes calm.

Difficult moments and somatization
Difficult moments cannot always be predicted or avoided. Despite this, we can modify our attitude to reduce its impact. In other words, we cannot always change the circumstances but we can take charge of our own well-being.
It is necessary to take responsibility and take care of ourselves. Otherwise, we can somatize the problems and, therefore, experience:
Taking responsibility for our own well-being implies avoiding harmful internal dialogues: the victimist, the catastrophic, the self-critical and the self-demanding. Why? Because they prevent us from having a clear perspective on how to act and because they hurt us in one way or another.

Every time we find ourselves in the middle of difficult times it is necessary to stop for a moment and think: What is the use of turning the problem over and over again? What benefits me from drowning? Do I really want to get ahead?
To avoid bogging the most advisable thing is to focus the thought towards the solution of the problem. We may not find the solution at the first opportunity; however, we must not give up.

11 ways to overcome difficult moments
If you are going through a difficult stage in your business, personal life or work, you should know some tools that help you overcome these crises and turn them into another step to success. Take note:

1. Breathe deeply
Breathing is one of the most important tasks in the body. Through this, the gas exchange is achieved, through which oxygen enters the body and carbon dioxide is expelled.
Breathing can be regulated to obtain greater benefits both biologically and emotionally. To achieve this it is necessary to adopt a comfortable position, have a few minutes and breathe deeply; that is, from the abdomen.
We slowly inhale a large amount of air, hold a few seconds and exhale little by little. We will notice how our heart rate will regulate and we will get a feeling of calm.
Deep breathing helps lower blood pressure, improves oxygenation of the body and, of course, relaxes the body.

2. Meditate
In difficult times, the most difficult thing is to control the flow of thoughts. A highly recommended and very effective resource is to meditate.
Through meditation, we can disconnect from the environment and replenish our energies. In this way, we put aside everything that is harmful to us and we detract from it. It’s about getting far enough to get a clearer perspective.
To meditate there is no need to take classes. It’s all about suspending the mind for a few moments, breathing deeply and keeping silent while we focus on our own breathing.
How to Relax During Difficult times

3. Color or paint mandalas
Coloring, painting or drawing is also an alternative to find calm in difficult times. By focusing attention on not getting out of the lines, combining colors and achieving a beautiful stroke, anxiety levels are reduced. The brain works fine motor skills during coloring.
A mandala consists of a combination of various overlapping figures, some abstract and some natural (of animals or flowers), arranged in a circle. There is a wide variety of mandalas to choose from.
The goal of coloring mandalas is to free the mind and enjoy the task. The best thing is that this activity can be enjoyed both in difficult times and at any other time. In fact, many people get to include it in their hobbies.

4. Think differently, or stop thinking
We know that the thoughts that pass through our mind directly affect how we feel, for this reason in line with what we have said in the previous point, we must learn to clear our minds of all those thoughts that may increase our discomfort and our nervousness. Learning to manage our internal dialogue is decisive in order to keep calm under pressure.
When we face a difficult situation we must be very attentive to everything, we say to ourselves, and we must strive to ensure that this internal dialogue is not toxic and counterproductive.
It is important that we be aware of this, and that we also learn to evoke thoughts that help us relax. In clinical practice, in many cases, suggestive procedures (such as hypnosis) are used, so that patients learn to remain calm or relax. These procedures rely on the evocation of images and soothing sounds, which we can use to reduce stress levels.

5. Physical exercise
To keep calm in difficult situations, physical exercise can be very useful. Move, activate your body in any way. Taking a walk or going for a run, are good ways to disconnect from problems, release energy and keep your mind clear of negative emotions and thoughts.
No matter what exercise you choose, it is always better to go for a little walk than to be locked in your room with the same harmful thoughts around your head. The sports can help us regulate our emotional states, and also because we release endorphins, makes us feel better.

6. Learn to forgive yourself
We already know that keeping relax in any circumstance is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, a lot of practice and desire, and willpower to not give up when we face truly complicated situations.
The important thing is your intention, and of course, it will not always be enough, but we have to learn to forgive our own mistakes and to congratulate ourselves on our successes. Remember that mistakes help you learn more about yourself and make you know yourself better so that in future situations you don’t make the same mistakes.

7. Don’t forget to reward yourself 
You must give yourself the credit you deserve for going through difficult times. Moderation is essential, but you can reward yourself for staying calm. Go out to watch a movie or take a walk in the park. Rewarding yourself for the challenges you deal with will help you regulate emotions and stay calm. 
Studies suggest that developing flexibility to shift attention from something difficult to something you enjoy is essential to control negative emotions.

8. Try to take a hot shower 
Hot water helps calm the tension that builds up in the muscles during times of stress. It can be very useful to make sure you take care of your body and keep your limbs, muscles, and bones as stress-free as possible.

9. Lean on positive people
The least you need in these moments of crisis is to surround yourself with people with a negative attitude. If you do it you will absorb its bad vibes and only increase your frustration. On the contrary, positive people will help you to relax your mood and see things from another perspective.

10. See the good things
Take a few minutes to calm down and think about positive things. Try to write and read them from time to time. It will serve as a reminder that not everything is wrong. Feeding a healthy sense of self-worth can help you be resilient when life gets tough.

11. The reading
Another activity that can be especially useful for relaxing is reading. There are so many types of books, so many different genres, so many stories to read … That your tastes don’t matter! There will always be a book for you. Romanticism, youth, fantasy, science fiction, war, terror … Choose something, inquire a little on the internet, select a book, buy it and enjoy.

These are the ways to relax during difficult times. The most advisable thing is that you feel to think and analyze what is the reason why you have those feelings. Doing so will help you understand if it is something you can control or something that you cannot accept and let go. There lies the wisdom.

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