How to Preserve Food in Jars at Home

What containers do you use to preserve food at home? Today’s question is very clear. Which one do you use? Jams, fruits in syrup, vegetables, sauces, and others. The most widespread homemade method of preserving food remains the jars. They lend themselves too many recipes, as long as we respect some rules. In this article, we will tell you how to preserve food in jars at home.
How to Preserve Food in Jars at Home

Since ancient times, ways of protecting food have been sought to prolong its shelf life, to be able to transport and use them in seasons of the year where they are not usually available. However, there are still many people who know the secrets of this ancient and basic technique.

In addition, preserving in jars will allow you to have everything at your fingertips without so many open containers everywhere. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of using jars in the kitchen.

Benefits of Jar
  • The material
  • They are durable
  • They give order to the kitchen
  • You can preserve almost everything

Select only seasonal foods since only then is when they are ready.

Good state of food:
  • Choose fresh and in optimal condition.
  • Choose vegetables, vegetables, and fruits without bumps or bruises, and select them with similar sizes.
  • Foods should not be too green – by conserving them they lose part of the flavor and would be tasteless – or very mature – by preparing them they would break.

How to Preserve Food in Jars at Home
Here we are describing the easiest method to preserve foods like fruits, vegetables, jams in jars at home.

Jams are made by putting the same amount of fruit as sugar. The same applies to jellies, but you have to weigh the “syrup” of the fruit when it is cooked, reduced to pureed and filtered, and then add its weight in sugar and a splash of lemon juice that helps crystallization.

How to Preserve Food in Jars at Home

Fruits in syrup
Fruits in syrup are even easier to prepare. Wash them, remove the tail and bone and dry them. If the fruit is large, cut it in half or in quarters. Then prepare the syrup with 200 grams of sugar per liter of water. When it reaches the boiling point, let it reduce for 5 minutes. You can vary the flavors by adding spices, vanilla or lemon.
How to Preserve Food in Jars at Home

Place the raw fruit inside clean and dry jars. Pour the warm syrup until it is covered. Close the bottle and go. The fruit thus preserved is delicious in Macedonia and also serves to prepare cakes and other desserts.

Jars of vegetables, sauces
Fresh vegetables are prepared with saltwater. Wash and peel the vegetable (if necessary). Put the saltwater to heat. When it boils, scald the vegetable for 5 minutes. Run it through cold water, drain it and put it in the jars. Cover boiling water with salt. Close the bottle and sterilize it.

How to Preserve Food in Jars at Home

Cooked foods, such as ratatouille or ketchup, can also be stored in jars. To do this, pour the still-hot preparation in a clean and dry jar, close it and sterilize it.

Sterilize not sterilize
Not all canning jars need sterilization: for jams and jellies, you can save your work. Nor is it necessary to sterilize canned in oil (cheese, dried tomato) or brandy. The fruit in syrup is also preserved without sterilization for 3 or 4 months.

To prolong the shelf life or for canned vegetables or cooked dishes, sterilization is essential. If you prepare canned food very often, it is worth buying an electric sterilizer. For occasional use, just a large casserole or pot.

How to sterilize or conserve?

To sterilize
Use jars with metal screw cap or metal lock and rubber washer. Put a folded rag in the bottom of a pot and place the jars on top. It covers water. Boil for 25 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the jars cool in the water. You can also take them out and place them upside down until they cool. Rubber washers are not reusable.

To conserve
To preserve the jams without sterilizing them, wash the jars and boil them or pass them by white vinegar before using them. Fill them in hot, screw the lid and put them face down, to extract the air.

This video will help you in preserving foods. watch it:

If you like to make homemade jam, jars or glass containers are the solution to keep them perfectly. It is hygienic, and the most important thing preserves the product’s own qualities, it does not alter the taste, something very important since we can enjoy it with all its properties.

After reading this article, have you changed your mind about preserving foods in jars at home? Tell us more in the comment section.
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