How to Induce a Period?

Do you have an irregular period? Many women have their period advanced or delayed every month and that leads them to feel distressed or stressed. However, if you want to induce your period, different natural ways that we present today can help you! In this article, we will tell you what the best natural ways to induce period are.
How to Induce a Period?

Many women want to know their bodies and their functioning. This allows us to have a greater awareness to organize our cycles according to our needs. While you are planning an activity, in which you feel you do not want to be menstruating; As much as if you are wishing to take advantage of an occasion to connect with your cycle on another mooning, here we share tools that can help you speed up certain processes in your body.

Causes of the irregular period
In the female body, a process related to two systems happens month by month: endocrine and nervous. Some women have very exact menstrual periods every 28 days, but others don’t know for sure when the bleeding will appear or go away.

These irregular and non-fixed menses (may be present every 15, 35 or 50 days) are the main consultation at the gynecologist. During the visit, the doctor performs a series of studies to determine the reason (s) that cause these little precise periods.

Among the possible causes include:
  • Use of oral contraceptives (pills) and/or abuse of the postcoital pill or “the day after”
  • Consumption of antihypertensives or antiulcer remedies
  • Antipsychotic medication intake
  • Hormonal disorders and sudden changes in weight
  • Stress, anxiety or nervousness
  • Thyroid problems
  • Gynecological surgeries or interventions
  • Changes in routine (especially at rest)
  • Lack of exercise
  • Food deficiencies or eating disorders

Risks of inducing the period during a possible pregnancy
When we menstruate it means that we have ovulated and that egg has not been fertilized. Therefore, bleeding is the symptom that we are in the menstrual phase and we have not become pregnant. If we see that there has been no bleeding in a cycle of more than 40 days, it is possible that there is a pregnancy, although this will depend on the cycle of each woman. There are women who may have very short or very long cycles.

Ingesting foods or substances with emmenagogue properties, that is, that stimulate contractions in your uterus and can accelerate the bleeding mechanism, because they stimulate blood flow to the area of ​​the pelvis and uterus, they are considered abortive.
For your safety and that of your baby, evaluate the possibilities well and do not go to these recommendations if you are pregnant or suspect.

12 natural ways to induce a period
The way we feed ourselves can correct things at deep levels. Foods rich in beta-carotene are recommended. Others have adverse effects, since they stimulate the uterus, through contractions that may cause menstrual bleeding. The rule is the desquamation of the endometrium that had thickened during ovulation in order to receive, implant and nourish the fertilized egg. In the absence of fertilization, the endometrial tissue detaches and leaves the vagina for 1 to 7 days. That is our rule, and these foods could help you in the process:

For now, these recommendations can help you connect and favor the menstrual process. Preferably, try to apply them together.

1. Reduce stress:
Stress is the main cause of the rule being anticipated or delayed. Try to get your uterus to relax and relieve tension to help trigger menstruation.

Take time for yourself, to rest, to do what you like and clear your mind of worries and fill yourself with positive actions for you.

2. Consume Vitamin C:
Vitamin C increases estrogen levels and lowers progesterone levels, this causes the uterus to contract and bleeding occurs due to deprivation of the progesterone in the uterus. It is important to always drink it with plenty of water to avoid adverse effects. Spinach, orange, lemon,peaches, carrots, papaya, apricots, eggs (especially the yolk) help maintain iron levels and recover hemoglobin in red blood cells.

How to Induce a Period?

3. Romero
You cannot miss in our kitchen, for its culinary properties as well as in a natural herbalist. Promotes blood pressure and blood supply.

It also helps regulate menstruation in women. One cup of rosemary tea per day is the minimum recommended dose.
You can consume up to three infusions daily until the period appears.

4. Manzanilla
Chamomile flower is used, for example, to reduce fever, improve allergies, psoriasis, and arthritis and to relieve vomiting, nausea and dizziness.

It can be used to regulate your menstrual period due to its great medicinal properties. Drink a maximum of three cups a day.

5. Ginger
Ginger root infusion has the ability to increase body temperature and stimulate menstrual processes. You can get it and consume it fresh, dried or ground.

Do not forget that it is a very concentrated and strong spice: with very little, it reaches. Do not drink ginger tea at night, as it can cause insomnia or nightmares.

6. Parsley
Consume this tea only if you are 100% sure you are not pregnant because it has abortive properties and can be dangerous to your health.

The parsley helps advance the period if it is consumed every day (3 to 4 cups). It is a plant full of vitamins (especially C) and minerals that will help you at the time of menstruation so as not to feel low energy.

7. Verbena
Verbena has the ability to regulate the pituitary gland (where hormones are produced). Therefore it is recommended to drink a tea from this plant in cases of irregular periods due to thyroid problems or consumption of certain pills.

It is also good for inducing relaxation and eliminating the stress that may be causing the menstrual delay.

8. Thyme
To take effect you must combine it with saffron, in equal parts. It has the same effects as the infusion of rue or ginger. You can try any of the three options and analyze which one is most effective in your body.

9. Angelica root
It acts as an emenagogue and activates blood flow in the uterus. It is an excellent remedy to help reduce menstruation. To take advantage of its benefits consume angelica root tea up to 3 times a day (after the main meals).

10. Exercise
When your body exercises, pump blood harder and faster. This favors the stimuli for the arrival of your cycle. It is important not to abuse this resource since excessive exercise can be interpreted by your body as stress.

11. Have sex
By having sex you are directly stimulating the muscles of your vagina and uterus. If you have an orgasm, better! Thus, you will release a lot of oxytocin, which will help you hormonally to have contractions in your uterus and feel very relaxed, which also favors the -possible- arrival of the period. Mechanically, penetration favors the stimulation of the cervix.

12. Take a hot bath
If you are looking for relaxation, is there anything better than a good hot water bath? The heat causes your pores to expand, that the pain threshold increases by its interception in the receptivity of the stimulus at the cellular level. If the heat is already positive, imagine combined with water, another powerful element to implement.

Tips for irregular periods
If this condition happens many times a year or every month since you started menstruating, we recommend you go to the doctor to check and diagnose you.
In addition, you can change some habits that may be affecting your period:

  • Eat a diet that includes many foods of plant origin.
  • Avoid red meat (but eat them when you are menstruating, to recover iron).
  • Choose flax and sesame seeds because they give you iron.
  • Consume brown rice, brewer’s yeast, and seaweed because of its vitamin B content.
  • Do not drink coffee, alcohol or sugary sodas.
  • Pay attention if you have zinc, iron or vitamin B6 deficiency, because it may be changing your period.
  • Avoid excessive stress and everything that produces nerves or anxiety.

As we always tell you: remember that these recommendations do not replace your doctor’s visit.  Go to the gynecologist and consult your opinion regarding the intake of the mentioned advice.

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