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Are Papaya Seeds Good for You?

Papaya is a delicious tropical fruit that has become popular all over the world due to the benefits it brings to health. Its delicious pulp is usually used in the preparation of juices, desserts and other recipes. Did you know that you can also eat papaya seeds? And yes, these seeds are good for you.

Are Papaya Seeds Good for You?

Although most people consider seeds to be a waste, they are actually an important source of nutrients that are worth taking advantage of. In fact, they contain essential fats, proteins, and minerals that favor the prevention of various diseases.

The best of all is that they can be added as a complement to regular food since they go very well in salads, soups and other variety of dishes.  While they have a slightly bitter and spicy taste, they combine very well with other ingredients. Don’t stop trying them.

Benefits of eating papaya seeds
It is rare to eat papaya seeds as part of regular feeding. However, many have begun to test them, since their nutritional properties bring benefits that significantly improve health.

1. Protect the kidneys
Some scientific research suggests that eating papaya seeds can help preserve the health and functioning of the kidneys. Due to its high contribution of antioxidant compounds, it blocks oxidative damage and provides a protective effect on cells.
On the other hand, it could decrease the impact of some medications on these organs. In addition, they serve as allies for the prevention and treatment of renal failure.

2. They favor the liver
The liver is one of the most important organs of the body, because it filters toxins and toxic substances to prevent many diseases. When this organ is affected by some type of condition, we are at risk of developing chronic problems.
For this reason, it is important to give it a push and help you purify the substances you do not need. In this sense, papaya seeds can be great allies, especially for cases of liver cirrhosis.

3. Protect the digestive system
Papaya seeds have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That help in the improvement of digestive health. Several studies have found that papaya seeds fight Salmonella or staphylococci, among other infectious agents.
On the other hand, like other seeds, papaya seeds contain dietary fiber.  This nutrient moves through the undigested gastrointestinal tract, which increases the volume of the stool to facilitate its passage through the intestine.

4. Help in losing weight 
Although they are not a miraculous product or something similar, eating papaya seeds can contribute to weight loss.  Its nutrients help to break down excess fat and sugars, preventing them from being stored in the body.

5. Antiparasitario natural
In addition to being excellent for digestion, papaya seeds stand out for their contribution of an alkaloid that is called carpaine, very useful for eliminating intestinal parasites efficiently.
It is recommended that when you remove the seeds from the fruit, you put them to dry in the sun. Then, grind them until you get a fine powder, enough for you to store. Ideally, consume it two to three times a day. Also, you can take it with water, juice or honey.
In the case of children, caution should be exercised. Some naturists recommend 1 papaya seed for every 5 years. Thus, we should not give more than three seeds each time to a young man.

Are Papaya Seeds Good for You?

6. May reduce the risk of certain types of cancer
Papaya seed produces a kind of juice or sap that contains a component called acetogenin. According to studies, they are of great help to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.
This is one of the reasons why papaya seeds are widely used as a natural remedy in many parts of the world, just like fruit.
Now, do not forget that it is only a complement, never a substitute or a “miracle product.” In case you detect strange symptoms in your body that may indicate cancer, immediately consult your doctor.

7. Help control acne
In this case, in addition to consuming papaya seeds, it is recommended performing a kind of natural poultice. To do this, we will follow these steps:
First, we will combine some papaya leaves with the seeds and macerate it with a little water in a mortar.
The paste obtained should be placed on the affected area for about ten minutes.
Then, we will have to wash the area with plenty of fresh water to remove the poultice.
Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, little by little, say goodbye to acne.

Three simple tricks to lose weight eating papaya seeds
Surely, one of the things that most caught your attention to the benefits of eating papaya seeds was their ability to help you lose weight. If so, do not miss the tricks we share below.  Of course, keep in mind that you will only see results if you accompany them with a healthy diet and physical exercise.

Trick 1
Every day on an empty stomach eat 12 papaya seeds accompanied by a grapefruit tea. Do this remedy for 15 days in a row and rest for another 15.

Trick 2
Fasting again, add 15 papaya seeds to a glass of grapefruit juice and drink it, taking the seeds as if they were pills. In addition to helping you fight excess fat, this juice also contributes to better digestion.

Trick 3
The last trick to take advantage of the benefits of papaya seeds are to crush a few seeds and add them to salads or vinaigrettes. You will feel a spicy taste similar to mustard, so you just have to avoid overdoing it.

Are papaya seeds good for you? Yes, you have already known it. If you want to enjoy its benefits, take them moderately. Keep in mind that one of its components is benzyl isothiocyanate, whose high doses can cause toxicological damage. Next time think twice before sending these seeds to the trash. Try to take advantage of them. 

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