5 Tips to Reduce Belly Inflammation

Intestinal problems are quite common for various reasons . The most common are constipation and intestinal parasites, which inflame the intestines and cause us great discomfort. In this article we share some essential tips to reduce belly inflammation with home and natural remedies.

How to reduce the belly inflammation? have these 5 tips

Then we will show you with these 5 tips how to reduce your belly naturally and at home, but you should always remember to see your doctor before any discomfort and above all before using any remedy.
Clay poultices
The miracles of clay for health and beauty have been highlighted many times. The clay has the property of desinflamar the belly, absorb toxic substances and provide minerals through the pores of the skin.
The clay poultice will be applied at least half an hour and at most all night , which is the most effective way to use it.
We will mix powdered clay, sold in herbalists, with the necessary amount of water, which will allow us to obtain a thick texture that can be easily spread.
We will not use plastic or metal utensils, but we will choose those that are made of glass, ceramic or wood.
We will apply the poultice on the belly, approximately half a centimeter thick, and cover it with a cloth. Above we will wrap ourselves with a blanket to facilitate localized heat.
When we have finished we will remove the clay with warm water.
Chamomile Enema
Enemas are a traditional remedy that involves applying water or a medicinal infusion directly into the intestine, through the anus. In this way we will promote the expulsion of the feces and at the same time we will allow the direct benefit of the properties of those plants in our intestine.
In this case, we chose chamomile  because it is anti-inflammatory. To apply them we will need an irrigator or a rubber bulb . They are sold in pharmacies.
We will need the following ingredients :
One liter of chamomile tea.
The juice of a lemon.
A small spoonful of sea salt  (6 g)
A liter of boiled water.
How do we do it?
We must introduce these two liters of liquid with the help of the irrigator cannula or the pear, previously lubricated with a little lubricant.
We will do it slowly and stopping whenever we need it.
We will have to endure as much as possible despite feeling the urge to evacuate.
Evacuate if the sensation is very annoying or painful, or after ten minutes.
We will repeat it until we have used all the liquid.
Massage with oils
In some cases the inflammation of the belly is related to emotional issues or situations of stress or nervousness. When we want to treat the physical part but also the emotional part, the most appropriate are the massages , which can be done by other people or by ourselves.
With the help of a little oil (olive, almond, coconut, etc.) we gently massage the belly, following the direction of the intestine.
We can do it two or three times a day, avoiding the moments of digestion .
Drink a lot of water
Although it may surprise us, one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective remedies to cleanse our bodies is to drink water on an empty stomach. Similarly, to reduce inflammation of the intestine we must also drink between one and a half liters and two liters of water per day, to expel the accumulation of waste.
People who eat in a balanced way should also follow this recommendation, since an excess of fiber in food, especially if saved added to food, can also inflame the intestine due to lack of water .
Beware of laxatives
People who regularly use laxatives should know that they are causing a continuous inflammation of the intestine that, in the long run, can worsen the problems we already have, such as constipation or parasitosis.
These laxatives destroy the intestinal flora , which is essential for a good intestinal balance.
The most aggressive laxatives are those of chemical origin, but some natural ones such as the sacred skin, the fragance or the senna are also very irritating , so they must be used very punctually.
Instead, we recommend giving preference to these other natural remedies, which we can use more regularly without the side effects of the previous ones:
Flax seeds .
Magnesium chloride.
In addition, after purging, we must take a supplement of Lactobacillus to recover the bacterial flora.

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