16 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Did you know that olive oil has many benefits for your health and also for your beauty? Today you will discover up to 16 of them. Take note!

Olive oil is a product widely used in gastronomy due to its mild flavor and the multiple properties it has for health. It has been a source of research for years. Currently, this type of oil is attributed to many benefits, both for health and beauty.
16 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

You see, it contains important amounts of monounsaturated fats and oleic acid.  These have been linked to a reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease.
In addition, it is made up of antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory nutrients. They could reduce bad cholesterol levels, fight free radicals and prevent premature aging as some studies point out.

Do you still not include extra virgin olive oil in your diet? We tell you 16 important benefits to encourage you to consume it more often.

What is olive oil?
Olive oil is an organic compound that accumulates in the tissues of the aforementioned seeds or fruits -as it is the case that concerns us- and that is extracted from them by means of pressure. Therefore, we include it within the group of superfoods that are fruits.

This food has been used for thousands of years by humans, and in the specific case of olive oil, we refer to oil extracted from the fruit of the olive tree or olive tree in its different varieties, a perennial tree and the family of Oleaceae, name that comes as a finger ring.

The oils known as vegetables are extracted from seeds or fruits, and although not all of them are suitable for human consumption, many of them is part of the diets of millions of people around the world.

Is there any better than olive oil? The answer is as clear as negative, and is that as you will see below, is not considered a superfood to all varieties of this ingredient.

Olive oil vs. other vegetable oils
A collation of the above, we could talk about a war, which really is not such between olive oil and other vegetable oils.
Here all the possible experts of any discipline that has a minimum of relation with this food coincide.
There are oils that are not considered fit for human consumption, but there are also those that have been considered fit and are harmful to health.
It is not a matter of entering into a war or discrediting other ingredients, but this is something argued, proven and contrasted; simply for our organism the extra virgin olive oil is the most suitable.

Properties and Benefits of olive oil
The olive oil is one of the star products in gastronomy. But the truth is that it is also for health, due to its many properties and benefits. It is also known as the ‘liquid gold’, thanks to the studies of recent years, have ruled that this food has some very beneficial ingredients for the body.

1. prevents cardiovascular diseases
Olive oil has a high level of fatty acids, such as oleic acid. This acid is from the Omega 9 series and has the power to reduce the vast majority of cardiovascular diseases. In this way, it will regulate the levels of the cholesterol in the blood, it diminishes the bad cholesterol (LDL), and without harming the well-known cholesterol like good (HDL) and therefore it will improve the sanguineous circulation, at the same time as the arterial pressure will diminish.

2. It will strengthen the immune system
The body’s defense against all types of infection is the immune system. Hence, when it is strong, it will destroy any bacteria or virus that wants to invade the body. Therefore, another of the benefits of olive oil is to keep the immune system always active. It is achieved thanks to the fact that the oil has powerful antioxidants as well as basic nutrients to keep the organism healthy. Only then, this will be protected against any disease.

3. Protects the brain
Thanks to the healthy fats that olive oil has, they will help protect the brain. In this case, it can help to avoid memory problems and delay all types of mental deterioration that are linked to Alzheimer-type diseases.

4. Maintains strong bones
One of the great benefits of olive oil is that it helps protect the bones. In this way, diseases such as osteoporosis are prevented by taking one or two tablespoons of oil each day.

5. Delays aging
Due to the presence of a high concentration of polyphenols, it acts as natural antioxidants. Which are very necessary to delay wrinkles in the skin. The oil has the virtue of maintaining the elasticity of the skin, thanks to the fatty acids we have mentioned and also vitamins E or K.

6. Favors digestion
Olive oil will reduce gastric acid secretion, which is a mixture of secretions of several epithelial cells. Basically, the gastric juice is a solution of Sodium Chloride. Therefore the oil will reduce this secretion, thus protecting from gastrointestinal diseases and avoiding gastric acidity and improve digestion. 

7. It helps you lose weight
There are no miracle products, but it is true that some foods will help us control and even reduceweight. In this case, the main benefit of olive oil goes together with a healthy diet. With the calories of olive oil, a couple of tablespoons a day, divided between the main meals, whether for cooking or raw, will bring this new benefit as it is quite satisfying.
16 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

8. against constipation
You have to consume olive oil in moderation, as it can have a laxative effect. So it is a home remedy, for mild constipation. It will help regulate intestinal transit, soften harder stools and eliminate intestinal inflammation or irritation.

9. Relieves joint pain
Among all the ingredients that olive oil has, we must highlight the oleocanthal. It is an isolated natural compound that gives it the flavor, but at the same time it is anti-inflammatory. It is for this reason that pain in the joints and also in the muscles will decrease considerably.

10. Anticancer properties
Apparently, studies have ruled that thanks to olive oil compounds, it could prevent cancer. Again it is the oleocanthal who would be responsible for discarding the cancer cells, without the others being damaged. But not only that, but within a healthy lifestyle, oil has such good ingredients that the risk of suffering from the disease is lower in people who take it regularly.

11. Fight diabetes
The studies are clear on this issue: The cases of type II diabetes can be reduced by half, thanks to the consumption of olive oil. It is the reason for the healthy fats that are part of this food which would lead to keeping sugar levels regulated.

12. Vitamins A, D, E and K
Vitamin A: It is one of the most important vitamins for our body. It helps the heart, kidneys and other organs work accurately. It is very important for the eyes and for the immune system.
Vitamin D: Absorb calcium and keep bones strong. But not only them, but also the muscles need a vitamin like this to combine their movements. At the same time, they will keep the immune system strong.
Vitamin E: It is also called as the vitamin of youth, because it is essential to prevent aging, because it is a powerful antioxidant.
Vitamin K: For the growth and care of bones is very necessary. But it also prevents different diseases, both heart and some types of cancer. 

13. Protects the liver
The functions of the liver will be strengthened if you take a spoonful of olive oil. It will help to purify the body and also protects against the so-called fattyliver disease. There are two types within this disease. One of them is the one that has little inflammation in the liver cells and the second type does have damage as well as some inflammation. Hence, the consumption of oil can protect it and avoid this whole process.

14. Antibacterial properties
Many of the diseases prevented by this food are its antibacterial properties, which has been shown to be particularly effective against Helicobacter pylori, a type of bacteria that can cause ulcers and stomach cancer. In fact, research shows that it is effective against eight strains of this bacterium, three of which are resistant to antibiotics. The same study has shown that 30 grams of extra virgin olive oil can eliminate Helicobacter pylori infection in 10-40% of people in just 2 weeks.

15. Prevents arthritis
Olive oil can help reduce joint pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis. These effects are magnified when combined with the intake of omega-rich fish.
Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that causes deformed and painful joints. Although the causes are not known, it is believed that it occurs due to a deficient immune system in which antibodies attack healthy cells by mistake. Studies show that extra virgin oil reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in individuals with this condition.

16. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair
Both skin and hair will be perfectly nourished as well as hydrated, thanks to this oil. While in the hair, it will provide an extra touch of shine, leaving it more natural and silky. In the same way, it will also make your growth stronger.
All these properties and benefits are found especially in the Extra Virgin that is pure juice of healthy olives.

In the Mediterranean diet is the daily use of olive oil as dressing of salads, cooked vegetables, sauces and sprinkled on bread instead of the use of butter. Olive oil is a necessary food to have a complete and healthy diet.
In addition, the oleic acid in Olive Oils favors the frying of food allowing a slower decomposition and less fat penetration at the time of frying. 

Tips for choosing olive oil
Always look for it to be extra virgin.  If it belongs to this category (which means that it is the first extraction of olives only), it will have the necessary nutrients.

It must not be acidic.  It is important to remember that the higher the level of acidity, the greater the deterioration and the lower quality. An extra virgin should not exceed 0.8% acidity. O-live & co oil, for example, has a maximum acidity level of only 0.2%.

Check how it was processed.  When a lot of heat is used to obtain it, its properties can change. The ideal temperature should be 27ÂșC or less. The lower the temperature, the better the quality. Check that the package mentions that the oil was extracted cold.

If the taste is not enough to convince you to include extra virgin olive oil at the base of your diet, we hope you decide to do it after discovering these health benefits. The use of extra virgin olive oil will not only enhance the flavor of your dishes, but your body will appreciate the additional dose of antioxidants and substances that allow you to fight against various diseases.

Consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enjoy its flavor and smell as well as take care of your health!

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