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16 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon

The aromatic lemon (Citrus limon) has the reputation of being the “medicine food” par excellence. Thanks to the numerous healthful properties that are attributed to it, from combating hypertension and cardiovascular problems, to counteract stress and fatigue or strengthen the body defenses.

16 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon
A fruit native to Asia
Botanists believe that the lemon is native to Southeast Asia, between the Himalayas and China. In the thirteenth century came to Europe at the hands of the Arab peoples. In fact, the word “lemon” comes from the Arabic term “laymĂșn”.

Its cultivation spread rapidly throughout the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the Levante area, where today a large part of the production of lemons consumed in Spain continues to be concentrated.

During the 18th century, it became famous among sailors, who used to consume it abundantly during their long journeys because they knew that it protected them from scurvy (the reason is its richness in vitamin C, which was discovered in 1932).
The world production is currently headed by Mexico, India, Argentina and Iran. In fifth place is Spain, the main supplier of lemons to the rest of European countries.

One of the main benefits of lemon is its ability to alkalize the body and regulate pH. Currently, many people have an acid diet, so it is recommended to consume lemon to counteract such acidity. There are many more advantages when it comes to consuming it. Do you know all the benefits of lemon?

16 benefits of lemon that you probably did not know

1. Lemon is diuretic
Lemon is among the most beneficial foods for health and can be used to help treat multiple disorders. Due to its high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is a diuretic food. Therefore, it helps eliminate liquids and toxic substances retained in the body. Thanks to this benefit, it is highly indicated to cleanse the body and prevent many diseases.
It is very rich in vitamin C: 100 ml of homemade lemon juice provide 62% of daily needs. This vitamin is essential for the good state of the blood vessels and very beneficial for the health of bones, teeth and skin.
The vitamin C of the lemon promotes the formation of collagen that contributes to the good condition of the skin and cartilage and the good healing of wounds. It also favors the absorption of iron that we can ingest with breakfast. On the other hand, it plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the immune system, which prevents infections and many other diseases.

2. Purify the blood
Its antioxidants help clean arteries and purify the blood. Thanks to this, it facilitates the elimination of waste and toxic substances present in the bloodstream, preventing diseases related to the circulatory and cardiovascular system. It also helps treat diseases such as cholera and malaria.

3. Low fever
The consumption of hot water with lemon is ideal to control fever in cases of flu. Thus, this remedy helps to increase defenses and reduce body temperature because it increases perspiration.

4. Combat high blood pressure
Those people who suffer from high blood pressure and who frequently drink water with lemon significantly reduce this problem. This benefit is due to its high potassium content, which helps fight fluid retention and, therefore, helps reduce pressure. The American Heart Association advises seasoning foods with lemon to lower salt intake. In addition to giving it a good flavor, it adds its vitamin richness, outlined the portal Hola doctor.

5. Infections in the throat
Lemon is known for its antibiotic and antiviral properties. Therefore, it can be helpful when dealing with different throat conditions. In these cases, it can be considered a valuable ally, which can be used and applied in different ways:
The first option is to prepare a warm lemon tea and sip.
The second option is to extract your juice and gargle with it. This remedy must be repeated several times a day, this way it will help us to fight throat affections.

16 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon

6. Respiratory problems
Because of its high content of vitamin C and its antibiotic and antiviral properties, lemon is also one of the best allies of respiratory health. This fruit can help clean the airways and also strengthens the immune system, which can be positive to deal with diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

7. Rich in antioxidants
Lemon contains vitamin C and other important antioxidants that help fight free radicals and can help prevent diseases as serious as cancer. 

8. Stomach problems
Lemon helps regulate the pH of the body and, thanks to this, it also helps to fight different types of stomach problems. It is a great stimulant of the flow of saliva and gastric juices, qualities that make digestion easier. It helps fight dyspepsia and constipation. It is believed to be a good natural antiparasitic, and in addition to fighting intestinal inflammation, it works as a spasm calming agent.
For example, it is indicated in cases of:
  • Swelling
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach parasites
  • Sickness
  • Acidity

9. Help to lose weight
This fruit helps reduce body fat, eliminates toxic substances from the body and also provides a feeling of fullness. For this case, it is recommended to drink warm water on an empty stomach.
It is believed that it eliminates toxins. Although scientific evidence is based on few studies, lemon helps burn fat. Low in carbohydrates and sugar, it is recommended in diets to lose weight and is used by those who suffer from diabetes.

10. Dental care
Lemon juice can help reduce toothache when applied directly to the painful area. It is also useful in cases of bleeding gums, besides being a great ally to whiten teeth and combat bad breath.

11. for healthy skin
The daily consumption of lemon contributes to having a healthier, radiant and younger skin. Thus, it can be used topically to treat skin infections and excess oil on the skin, scars and spots. 

12. Radiant hair
The lemon is an excellent ally of the cleanliness and beauty of the hair and scalp. Lemon juice helps clean the scalp and prevents dandruff. In addition, it works as a natural bleach, improves the texture of the hair and helps keep it shiny.

13. Hepatic balm
Very popular for inflammation of the liver and gallbladder, since it stimulates bile secretion and helps to rapidly metabolize fats. It is believed that it eliminates toxins and that a good cleansing method of the body is to drink lemon juice for a whole day to detoxify.

14. Provides an added potassium   
Without this mineral, your body could not function properly. It is necessary for muscular nerve communication and transports nutrients and waste. Potassium also counteracts some of the effects of salt on blood pressure.   

15. Help prevent kidney stones   
Lemonade helps prevent these painful kidney stones in those who are deficient in urinary citrate, a form of citric acid. Also, more importantly, increased fluid intake helps prevent dehydration, a common cause of kidney stones.

16. Treating acne
The astringent and disinfectant properties of lemon are useful for treating acne. You just have to dilute it in a little water and apply it on the face after washing it well. Let him act all night and wash in the morning. The same idea is used to treat oily hair.

The uses of lemon in the kitchen
It is difficult to imagine what the gastronomy of a good part of the planet would be like, especially in the Mediterranean area, without the presence of this citrus in the recipes.
In many recipes the flavor of the lemon is not appreciated in the final result, but it is used with good sense because it enhances the aromas of the food that it accompanies and offers an exquisite acid counterpoint.
In addition, lemon juice is very practical, because it prevents many fresh fruits and vegetables from being oxidized. For this reason, it is ideal to season any dish with cabbages, green leafy vegetables, avocados artichokes or mushrooms.

Dressings and marinated with lemon
The preparation of dressings and marinated is one of the best ways to take advantage of the lemon.
For example, prepare a delicious and light dressing by mixing lemon juice and a bit of apple or pineapple juice, a splash of extra virgin olive oil and some herbs – such as basil, parsley or dill. With this dressing, you can flavor delicious salads and all kinds of dishes.
You can also combine lemon with cumin and coriander, very aromatic.
In the vegan kitchen, the lemon is used, among other things, in the elaboration of vegan cheeses based on nut creams (of cashew, for example), nutritional yeast and other natural flavoring ingredients.

Take the lemon out of the fridge
Do not squeeze the lemon that you just got out of the fridge, because you will get less juice and it will not be so aromatic. Take it out a few hours before and, before squeezing it, mash it with your hands. You will get much more juice!

As for the lemon peel, it can be used to flavor broths and soups, or to be finely chopped and used in sautéed, sauces and dressings.
You can also give a tasty touch to a sponge cake or a homemade jam. Of course, when peeling the fruit, it is important not to take anything from the white part, as it is very bitter and can alter the flavor you want to give the recipe enough.
Whether to take the juice or use the skin, choose if possible organic lemons. 

In conclusion, as you have seen, the benefits of lemon are many and in many areas. Also, we recommend you to take a balanced diet and practice moderate exercise to increase your health and quality of life.

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