14 Reasons why more People will love Mushrooms

In addition to its flavor, they have many other beneficial health benefits: low in fat, high in protein, rich in fiber … In short, mushrooms are an ideal food and suitable for most people. Learn a little more about them and how to include them in your diet.

With the arrival of autumn and the rains, the mushrooms become protagonists in markets and in the menu of many restaurants. But beyond its uses and gastronomic value, mushrooms are a very healthy food that should be included in the diet. The reasons are: they are rich in iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, selenium, calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamins A, and vitamins of group B (specifically B1, B2, B3) C and D. It is a food rich in water, without fat, with high-quality proteins and fiber, in short, a very healthy food. According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, the composition for each 100 grams of edible portion is as follows:
Kilocalories 25
Proteins 1.8
Carbohydrates 4
Fiber 2.5
Cholesterol 0
14 Reasons why more People will love Mushrooms
Health Benefits of Mushrooms

1. They provide insoluble fiber
In fact, lignin is one of the main ingredients of mushrooms, with 2.5 grams per 100 grams, where most of it is water. It is a woody fiber, of relative biological value for the micro biota but very good as drag fiber to clean the intestinal tract and also for its ability to inflate and give consistency to the bolus. 

2. They have a high satiating power
Precisely this ability of lignin to retain water and swell in the stomach, increases the feeling of full stomach after the intake of mushrooms and makes us not want to eat so much, we are more frugal and control caloric intake thus preventing obesity. 

3. They contain antioxidant elements
A 2007 study published in the Journal of Nutrition highlighted the role of the amino acid ergotein, present in the protein of mushrooms, as a potent antioxidant with a large presence in the wild mushroom, although not so much in the industrial one. The study also highlighted that this role gave an interesting preventive role to different types of tumors. 

4. They have a low caloric power
As already explained, its highest percentage is water and barely add 4 grams per 100 of carbohydrates. Its caloric power is 25 Kcal, which makes it a perfect accompaniment for all kinds of dishes or even alone, when we have exceeded the recommended daily caloric intake but we are hungry.

5. They provide essential vitamins and minerals
Mushrooms are rich in iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, selenium, calcium, potassium, zinc, as well as vitamin A and vitamins from the group B (specifically B1, B2, B3), as well as C and vitamin D that self-synthesize with sunlight, just like humans. Although its version, the D3, seems not to be as effective as the D2, if it can help. It also stands out for its low sodium content, which has a positive effect on blood pressure, although it disappears when salted.

6. They can provide essential amino acids
Being an intermediate evolutionary pathway between plants and animals, its protein is closer to the latter, ours, and therefore it is considered of superior biological value, since in some genera such as Pleurotus sp. (that of the oyster mushroom), you can find all the essential amino acids, according to a study. 
7. They can be a substitute for meat
Both for its protein, which although not very abundant is of high quality, as for its content in essential amino acids, and also for its umami flavor, the mushrooms can help us reduce the weekly intake of red meat.
14 Reasons why more People will love Mushrooms

8. They can improve the diversity of the microbiota
There are several studies that support mushroom lignin can help improve the diversity of the intestinal flora by favoring certain bacteria that would intervene in the reduction of obesity.

9. They provide anti-inflammatory compounds
Some of the carbohydrates of certain mushrooms are rich in beta-glucans, a polysaccharide to which this review gives great benefits as an anti-inflammatory and immune system developer. This publication also has the same effect.

10. Help reduce bad cholesterol
Some mushrooms are rich in conjugated linolenic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that helps reduce bad metabolic cholesterol or LDL. In addition, their amounts are moderate in relation to supplements of this acid, which have been described as dangerous after some studies in mice.

11. Prevent hair loss
So is. In case you did not know, mushrooms are a source of iron and other minerals such as selenium and copper, very important in the formation of keratin and in the supply of vital nutrients to the hair follicles. They are the ones that give strength to hair! so no more hair loss.

12. Help take care of diabetes
Mushrooms are an ideal low-energy food for diabetics. They have no fat, no cholesterol, low levels of carbohydrates, a high protein content and numerous vitamins and minerals. They also contain a lot of fiber and water. In addition, they contain natural insulin and enzymes that help break down sugar and starch in food. It is also known to contain certain compounds that help the liver, pancreas and other endocrine glands to function properly, thus promoting the formation of insulin and its proper regulation throughout the body.

13. Strengthens the bones
The mushrooms are full of calcium, which is an essential nutrient when it comes to the formation and strengthening of bones. A continuous supply of calcium in your diet can reduce your chances of developing conditions such as osteoporosis, and it can also reduce joint pain and lack of mobility that is often associated with bone degradation.

14. They contain abundant selenium
The selenium content of mushrooms is one of its most beneficial elements that is often overlooked. The main source of selenium are animal proteins. However, mushrooms are one of the best way for vegetarians to obtain the necessary amount of selenium. Selenium helps strengthen bones, teeth, nails and hair. In addition, this nutrient is a powerful antioxidant, which helps the body get rid of free radicals that could cause cancer.
One thing we are sure, mushrooms and mushrooms have many benefits to offer! Now you will love it more. Take care of your health and that of yours and put mushrooms in your life.

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