10 Benefits of Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach daily provides digestive benefits and stimulates the elimination of toxins that can affect our immune system.

Constant hydration makes our vitality greater. Drinking liquid in the morning when we wake up helps us stimulate the cells of our body. It is important to know the benefits of warm water and know that it is healthier than drinking it cold in the morning. We tell you the reasons.
10 Benefits of Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

Many of us have a habit of starting the day with freshwater or a good cup of tea or coffee that helps us wake up.  When we feel thirsty we always want to have cold water, as it is more refreshing. The most appropriate way to drink water on an empty stomach is warm since in this way we will bring more health benefits. It provides a protective barrier against multiple diseases.

Benefits of Warm Water on an Empty Stomach
Warm water may not be pleasant for the palate, but there are reasons to start consuming it equally. It can be alone, or also as an infusion of lemon or some other citrus.  Here are some reasons and benefits of drinking warm water on an empty stomach:

1. It helps you lose weight
By itself, drinking hot water will not allow you to lose those extra pounds. It is a mediator, a healthy and great way to promote, along with proper nutrition, fat purification and regulate our weight.
  • Hot water speeds up our metabolism.
  • It helps to purify toxins.
  • It improves digestion.
  • Fight constipation.

By improving processes as basic as these, we take care of our body balance, something infallible that, always complemented with a good diet and some exercise, allows us to improve our figure.
10 Benefits of Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

2. Balance the nervous system
A good way to improve the health of our nervous system is to drink hot water on an empty stomach. That first moment of the morning is always ideal because our stomach is more receptive.
If what we do, for example, is to have breakfast only a cup of coffee, what we get is to obtain energy, but we will also acidify the organism. An acidic organism is a body that tends to accumulate toxins, retain fluids and overexcite the nervous system.

If you drink hot water on an empty stomach, the stomach is cleaned and prepared to digest nutrients better. All this leads to a purer and toxin-free indoor climate that improves the health of our nervous system.
After 20 minutes of having hot water, continue with a good breakfast rich in fiber and protein.

3. Treat menstrual cramps
Surely you also suffer those annoying menstrual cramps that are concentrated in the abdomen and belly. You only find relief while sitting, and the discomfort can be so accentuated that it even prevents you from living a normal life.

Sometimes, something as simple as drinking hot water acts as a fantastic mild sedative that is worth trying. Do not hesitate to drink hot water, and go drinking small sips to find relief.

4.  Improve digestion
A good cup of hot or warm water on an empty stomach can help cleanse your body of all those toxins that can affect your health. Water and other liquids can be good stimulants of the digestive system: they help digest food better and promote its elimination.

On the other hand, cold water after meals could be harmful instead of giving benefits to the body. The consumption of cold water can harden the oil in the food consumed, hinder its digestion and create fat deposits.  Therefore, experts recommend replacing that glass of cold water with one of hot or warm water.

5. Fight premature aging
It may surprise you if we tell you that hot water fights premature aging. As we have indicated at the beginning, this remedy is a complement to introduce in our daily routines to promote health.

Drinking water releases toxins from the body, and an organism free of bacteria or harmful elements that make us sick can fight against free radicals that favor premature aging.
Our skin needs proper internal hydration to be elastic and toned. Hot water, unlike normal or cold water, further enhances this hydration by improving perspiration and the effective elimination of toxins.

6. Combat constipation
This problem, also known as constipation, causes difficulties in eliminating waste from the body. It causes abdominal swelling and pain that can be quite annoying, which can sometimes persist for days.

The consumption of hot or warm water on an empty stomach can help improve bowel movements to combat constipation. By stimulating food digestion, this good habit can be key to waste disposal.

7. Ideal to relieve common pain
A glass of warm or warm water may be the best home remedy to relieve headaches or some common pain. The heat has a calming effect on the body.

This helps to relax the abdominal muscles to provide relief from cramps and muscle spasms. According to some studies, warm water stimulates circulation, which is ideal with contracted muscles.

8. Improves blood circulation
The elimination of fat deposits from the body is stimulated. Thanks to this it is possible to eliminate the toxins that circulate throughout the body. This improves circulation and cleanses the blood. By having relaxing properties, hot water helps distend the muscles and stimulates blood flow.
9. Protect against infections
If you are having a cold or sore throat, do not hesitate to drink warm or warm water regularly. You will fight congestion, inflammation and allow you to treat any infection.
Hot water, in addition to eliminating viruses, toxins, and bacteria, treats inflamed or diseased tissue. It cleanses and reduces pain. Remember to drink it in small sips and in spaced moments.

10. Improves urinary tract health
One way to fight urine infections and improve our kidney health is also drinking hot water. Nothing better than to start the day with a glass of hot water on an empty stomach after having gone to the bathroom.
It is usual that throughout the night we retain a considerable amount of urine, and with it, toxic and bacteria that can remain attached to the bladder.

After coming from the bathroom, do not hesitate to drink a cup of hot water that will protect the health of your bladder (already empty) by releasing those harmful elements. This clean the entire urinary tract effectively and also facilitate the diuretic effect.

We must understand that every time we drink cold water, our body must adapt it to the internal temperature of our body. This undoubtedly generates resistance, so cold water in some situations is not what suits us best. Let’s use the benefits of warm water to improve the metabolic functioning of the body.

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